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Cisco Webex is an American company that develops and sells web conferencing and videoconferencing applications. It was founded as WebEx in 1995 and taken over by Cisco Systems in 2007. Its headquarters are in Milpitas, California. It's software products include Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, Training Center, Event Center, Support Center, Sales Center, MeetMeNow, PCNow, Webex AIM Pro Business Edition, Webex WebOffice, and WebEx Connect. All Webex products are part of the Cisco Systems collaboration portfolio.

According to UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK as a result of a securities fraud investigation initiated by the SEC and by various state Attorney General offices, Goldman Sachs faced charges of issuing unfair research, including coverage of WebEx, and IPO violations for the period 1999 to 2001. Webex management allegedly dictated to Goldman Sachs analysts what the research should and should not include. Webex maintains the management's information was accurate. Another charge accuses Goldman Sachs of violating securities law in its allocation of shares in WebEx's initial public offering.


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Marketing Related says

"I have been working at Cisco Systems Cons: This is for WebEx, a company Cisco bought about a year ago. This has nothing to do with Cisco, but WebEx alone. Basically, whoever speaks the loudest will get recognized, not the person who gets the most done. So hard work and talents usually do not get rewarded with recognition or compensation. Many valuable talents have left the company because of beauracracy and politics. There are too many mid-level managers that worry about their job security too much, and discourage employee growth. It is a stable place to be in terms of job security, but if you are young and want to learn and advance, this is not a good place for you."

Sr. Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Company was acquired or I would still be there. VCE was a great place to work. The Executive team was very supportive of my career goals, life work balance."

Web Designer/Developer (Former Employee) says

"typical day work Cons: no food"

Client Executive (Former Employee) says

"I know it was sales but all a numbers game. Drunk fridays, work hard play hard. Selling the most expensive and intense system to 80% who don’t want it"

Web developer (Former Employee) says

"It was great time, when i was with webex, i enjoyed the work, because it was my desire job, i developed websites and worked with a co operative team ever, I learned to manage a website and many other job related works. It was really great experience and enjoyed a lot working with that team. Cons: Healthcare"

Alexandru Trelea says

"The worst customer experience I ever had with any company, now 2-3 months trying to get an invoice in my account that is not showing up and no one can explain why the invoice is no longer with my company info and how to make a new invoice with my company id."

Philip Holzapfel says

"It's like Hotel California: "we are programmed to receive, you can sign out anytime, but you can never leave".
Easy to subscribe, impossible to cancel. Even the instructions on how to cancel your subscription don't work, nor does the help link. I ended up blocking my credit card. I dare you to take this to court, Cisco Sys (I have screen shots)."

Henrik Alfred says

"It is so easy to subscribe, but impossible to stop the subscription and billing."

Camille says

"Spent an hour trying to log in, faced a whole slew of technical difficulties. Missed an entire meeting. Customer service didn't help either."

Nicky M says

"As an independent training provider over the last few months I have been using MS Teams, Zoho Showtime and Zoom for training. One corporate client insisted that we had to use Cisco Webex. The whole this was a shambles.

Firstly, the website doesn't make clear that 'Meetings' and 'Training' are two completely different products. No where does it explain the features, or the cost difference. Hence I ended up with the wrong product. After speaking to the inappropriately named 'Customer Success Team' I was told this couldn't simply be converted. I had to wait 2-weeks to have a sales call, by which time I'd missed a deadline.

Once I had access to Webex Training I realised the product is AWFUL. By far the worst online platform I have used. So I decided to cancel the Training subscription and if the client needed me to use Webex use the much cheaper 'Meetings' product.

In the sales call I was CATEGORICALLY told that this was a rolling monthly contract that could be cancelled at any point. I specifically asked this question because I knew I would only need it for the duration on the one client contract.

On 12 July I requested the cancellation of the contract. It wasn't actioned.

Two weeks later I got an stream of emails asking me to confirm I wanted the account cancelled. Which I replied to. Since, I'd requested it and confirmed it, I foolishly assumed that it had been done.

Then I get an invoice for the account. So I phoned them. A helpful guy, told me that the cancellation came after monthly date so I would have to pay for the second month but that he would action the cancellation immediately. On the 17 August I got an emailing confirming the cancellation.

In the meantime I got a sales call following up on my original inquiry in June (for a product I'd taken out, hated and was trying to cancel)!

A month later, another email - in which my name was wrong and it was so full of syntax errors that it was hard to read.

This time I was told that I couldn't cancel my account because it was a one-year subscription. This was the first time this had been mentioned and certainly NOT what I was told in the sales call.

I replied clearly laying out my case and attaching evidence that I'd been told the account had been cancelled. Again, I was told (25 August) that a request to cancel with immediate effect have been sent to the cancellation team. I got no further details until today 3 September, when I receive yet another bill.

I phoned again and was told again that I was on a one year subscription - which I wasn't. They have again promised to look into it but I'm not holding my breathe.

If you like confusing, clunky and counter-intuitive software and have plenty of spare time to waste dealing with the inefficient and ineffective customer services department at Cisco. Then Webex is the product for you.

If on the other hand you want a smooth product and responsive customer service, try Zoho or Microsoft!"

Bernard says

"Just ended a call with Webex billing support for a charges I want to dispute. But the customer service center is a complete disaster. Not only unhelpful and not listening to solve customer issue. All she cares is how i should be talking based on her standard. I cannot at any single moment express my unhappy emotion. So I have decided to let her win the fight but I cancel the services right away and instructed everyone in my organisation to stop using them. Also the technology is so dated versus the like GoToMeeting and Zooms. Very unreliable platform. I am glad I am out now and do not need to handle them anymore."

Adam says

"Webex hasn't been updated for years. It's unreliable, difficult for attendees to join and the customer service and technical support is appalling. I'm waiting for someone else to do a better job."

DCWW says

"I should have known how bad they would be from my first attempt to call Webex to join their Event Center.
It's impossible to get anyone on the phone, even a sales person when you're tying to sign-up.
Audio completely failed when attempting to play a recording to webinar attendees. Tech support were slow to investigate, resulting in the cancellation of our events. When a response finally came a week later, and too late for our event, it was clear that they had completely failed to understand what the problem was.
The account was obviously then cancelled. When the invoice was received there were hundreds of pounds of charges for attendees calling into the broken event. These charges had not been mentioned by the sales person."

Adam says

"Just terrible. The "Identity broker" has been down for three hours. Technical Support have taken 20 minutes to explain. The system status page says everything is fine. Webex are totally unapologetic even though I have three clients sat waiting.

Too many problems with these people. Find an alternative provider, their technology is practically stone-age now."

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